8E20932 Women's Slick 2 Jersey

Gender: Women

Take all the bells and whistles from one of our high-end, racer-oriented jerseys and change the fit to a standard fit, and you’ve got the Slick 2 Jersey. The standard fit still has a streamlined silhouette; it’s just not in that aero, second-skin, nearly painted-on category. When it comes to features, however, it still has those racer-looking one-piece sleeves with no hem. It has a one-inch reflective strip applied on the center back pocket and bottom of the sleeves. That means 360-degree visibility, so you don’t have to throw on an added layer to light it up on early morning or evening rides. The generously sized back pockets fit everything you might need for a long ride. There’s also a fourth hidden, zippered pocket so you can feel good about sticking your credit card and phone back there.